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Cathy Conway

about 54 years ago

3 savvy ways to reduce food waste

Category: Tips and tricks

3 savvy ways to reduce food waste

Category: Tips and tricks

Food waste is as bad for the planet as it is for your bank account. It really is a lose-lose situation: you don't get to enjoy the food you've bought, and the environmental costs that went into producing that food was all for nothing.

Nobody likes wasting food, but that doesn't mean it isn't a hard habit to kick. If you want to reduce the amount of out-of-date food that ends up in your bin each week, follow these simple tips.

Plan your meals before you shop

Here in the UK, around 40 percent of the bagged salad we buy from the supermarket ends up in the bin, according to research from WRAP. Earlier this year, Tesco did its own research into why so much salad goes to waste and found that it's largely down to the fact shoppers often don't buy it with a specific meal in mind.

If you find yourself throwing lots of food away because it's past its best each week, it's time to start planning a weekly menu. Before you set off for your food shop, sit down and plan your meals for the week — you can even use a printable template, like this one from Organized Home, to keep things simple. It can be hard to decide what you want for dinner five days from now, but there's no better way to make sure you're buying exactly how much food you need.

As you plan each meal, add the ingredients you'll need to your shopping list. Treat your list as gospel on your way round the supermarket and you'll end up with as little food waste as possible during the week.

Store your food properly

If you've planned your meals in advance and know exactly how you're going to use every bit of food you've brought home from the supermarket, you're well on your way to reducing food waste completely. However, if you want your food to stay fresh for as long as possible, you need to be savvy about how you store it.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Does it go in the fridge or the cupboard? Should you keep it in the plastic packing? Can you freeze it?

To find out how to store your food so it stays fresher for longer, follow Plastic Box Shop's handy food storage tips. This will ensure your produce stays fresh for as long as possible and help you make the most of your weekly shop — as well as any leftovers you end up with through the week.

Use your freezer

Even the most carefully planned weekly menu is bound to go wrong sometimes. If you have a last-minute change of plans or just fancy a takeaway when you get home, your planned meal doesn't have to go to waste if you know how to get the best from your freezer.

In fact, your freezer can come to the rescue in all kinds of situations. Freeze chillies and odd bits of ginger, hard cheeses, and even egg whites and milk to use later. If you spot some fruit that's on the turn, chop it up, seal it in a sandwich bag, and throw it straight into smoothies. Slightly stale bread can also sit in the freezer and go straight in the toaster.

Before you freeze your leftovers, read BBC Good Food's tips on freezing food to make sure they last until you need them next. Make a note of everything in your freezer and don't buy those in your next shop. Be sure to name and date everything so you can easily keep track of it.

So, there you have it: three simple ways to reduce the amount of food you waste. Follow this advice and you'll not only save plenty of money, but also do your bit to help the planet.

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