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Dimeji Akinkuolie

about 54 years ago

5 ways to land your dream job in the tech sector

Category: Tips and tricks

5 ways to land your dream job in the tech sector

Category: Tips and tricks

Newcastle is home to a growing tech sector and thriving start-up community and now more and more young professionals are choosing it as the go-to destination to advance their careers. Whether you're seeking an internship, graduate role or next career move, how can you make sure you don't miss out?

Landing the perfect job can be hard, so here's some tips to help you out.

Writing the perfect CV

According to recent studies, recruiters only spend about seven seconds looking at a CV before making a verdict. In a competitive job market where so much hinges on such a short space of time, your CV must make an impression, fast.

First and foremost, a CV should be easy to read so avoid complex layouts and wording. Your goal should be to put across as much relevant information to a recruiter as possible, in the shortest amount of time. CV's generally follow the layout of: your name and contact details, followed by a short profile, your relevant experience and your educational background. It can be easy to get carried away writing all this, when you have finished updating it, be sure to check that your CV is free of grammatical errors and spans a maximum of two A4 pages.

When talking about your skills and experience don't be modest. Use active language to describe yourself; this section of your CV should be a compilation of achievements and contributions you've made to your workplaces rather than just a boring list of tasks. Use passive or bland language and your application could easily wind up blending in with the masses!

If you're having trouble writing a CV or resume, Monster has an excellent and free downloadable template that you can use.

Cleaning up your social media and online presence

Along with a tailored CV, your social media plays an important role in recruitment. Most employers will do an online search of anyone they're looking to interview, so how you leverage those search results could make or break your application.

Before reaching out to any potential employers you'll want to screen all your public profiles. If a recruiter's first impression comes from your rants on Twitter or embarrassing Facebook posts this will hurt their image of you. Instead, use your online presence to maximise your visibility in the tech sector, doing so is as easy as regularly making a few industry related posts and status updates or creating your own blog.

Registering with job boards is another great way to make yourself visible to recruiters and will ensure that good vacancies don't pass you by.

Newcastle has several excellent websites for you to sign up with, including Generator North East and Campus North.

Nailing down the details in an application

Even with a perfect CV and spotless online persona, stringent applicant screenings present a hurdle for many graduates. To avoid being side-lined, apply with a respectable email address and correctly named CV - remove any 'version.2' or 'July 2017' in your CV file name. In addition, your LinkedIn profile should be complete with experience, education history, noteworthy projects and a professional picture, ready to be seen by recruiters. Any employer's first impression of you will come from your application, so to secure an interview always keep this in mind.

Searching and applying for jobs the smart way

With some sites claiming to add over 200,000 job listings in a week, hunting for your first role can be daunting. Having a comprehensive plan of action can make your life significantly easier.

Defaulting to generic sites like Reed or Total Jobs might not give you the results you're looking for, so to ensure your skills and experience in tech are noticed by employers that appreciate them, focus on searching industry specific job boards like Dice and Github. You'll also want to keep an eye on the careers pages, LinkedIn updates and social media profiles of any companies you're interested in working for; gaining responses is more likely if your search plays to your strengths and interests.

Connect and be social

Having the right connections can also make a big difference to your search, so don't be afraid to let your contacts know you're looking for a tech job. If you lack connections, then take advantage of industry aligned groups on LinkedIn, meet-ups like Northern UX and events like Newcastle Start-up Week to expand your network. Effective networking can help establish you as someone who is both passionate and knowledgeable in their field.

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